Planning a Secret Birthday Party

The 5th P of Marketing | Sharp Mind MarketingI was planning a secret birthday party for a friend of mine, and I needed to hire a flyer printing company to spread the word about the party. I did some web searches and found one company who could make the flyers and send them to me quickly. This was great for me, because the party was only four days away, and I needed the flyers in one day.

The flyers arrived in a day, and I passed them out and mailed some to different people. Everyone sent me an email message telling me that they would be able to make it to the party. I wanted to do a special party for my friend this year, so I decided to go with a Mexican theme.

Great Gifts With Art Print Posters!

This year, we are on a tight budget so I had to get creative in buying holiday gifts. When I was browsing online for inexpensive gifts, I came across some art print posters. At first, I was unsure; I didnt really think they would have anything that would suit the tastes of my family. I havent bought a poster in years so I was unfamiliar with what was available. As I was browsing through the selection, I was very surprised to see how much of a variety was offered!

My twelve year old son is interested in astrology and I was able to find some great posters for him with stars, the solar system, the sun, and a scientific chart. For my daughter, who is seven, I was able to get all her favorite animal posters. She loves animals and I bought enough to deck out her room in great prints of horses, dogs, and some more exotic animals. I know she is going to love these! She enjoys writing stories about animals so Im sure she will be able to draw inspiration from her art print posters!

My husband was a little harder to shop for. For him, I finally selected some plant posters. His passion is gardening and I was able to find some gorgeous printed floral posters, as well as some beautiful luminous posters with rainforest plants on them. I know these will look great in the sunroom where he tends to all his plants! I love the fact that the art print posters will give some color and some key points of interest to the sun room. Im happy that I was able to find some inexpensive gifts for my family. I even bought a couple of prints for myself and still have some money left over!

Framed Art Prints a Success!

When I was trying to decide how to redecorate my home on a budget, I began browsing through a selection of framed art prints. I had already painted every room in the home and just needed some wall art to cover the empty spaces. When I was looking through the prints, I came across some beautiful Goya prints, scenic waterfalls, wildlife, and tons of others! My home now looks a bit eclectic but I love it that way!

In my kitchen, the backdrop was green, so I chose floral and caterpillar prints. The nature aspect of the images really gave my kitchen a light, fresh look. In the living room, I painted the walls a soft yellow and for that room, I selected some more exotic prints. What once were bare white walls in the living room now has been redecorated with yellow walls and prints of zebras, giraffes, and wild orchids! I love the wild theme of the room. I tossed around some bright throw pillows on the sofa and it completes the whole look!

In the bathroom, I hung up several 5×7 smaller prints of palm massive willow trees and they compliment the color of the wall beautifully! Even though the prints are small, they are framed in thick dark wood which gives the room a dramatic appearance that I love! For the bedroom, I used a neutral beige paint and covered all of one wall in with the framed art prints and I loved the result! My mom said I was crazy when I told her how I was decorating the bedroom, but when it was completed, she said she loved it as well! The artwork that I chose for the collage wall in the bedroom represented all the places I want to travel to. It has turned out to be a very artsy, eclectic looking room.

I knew I did not have much money to spend when I began redecorating but I was able to make the most of it using paint and the prints. I love having people over to visit now because my apartment looks great!

Fine Art Prints

Its fun to spend a leisurely afternoon browsing through fine arts shops with a friend or, solo, if youre more meditative and in need of a personal treat. Fine arts prints are usually displayed to maximum advantage so they can be studied before a purchase is complete. This gives the art lover an opportunity to deliberate over which prints have most appeal to their artistic senses, as well as those that are a “good fit” for a specific room in the home.

You can create a wonderful sense of art appreciation in any room in the home and in a small home office by simply adding one or more prints to a bare wall. Art fairly lights up an entire room. Prints also offer a certain elegance as well as added interest. These prints can be found in shops that sell various types of fine art sculptures and statuary as well as lithographs.

Some of the most interesting prints are not always painted by the masters, either. The modern art prints run the gamut of master strokes of vivid colors or artistic puzzles that you just cant help admiring. The cost doesnt detract from the sheer enjoyment of owning a Van Gogh, Rockwell, or Wyeth print in the more traditional art genre or a whimsical Botero. Then, theres a wonderul collection by Picasso and a number of prints by Paul Klea for the modernists tastes. These offer wonderful color for a bland decor and really jazz up any room where they are displayed.

The truth is that prints are adopted more than chosen. Art lovers are born with a burning desire to own great works of art. Prints are reasonably priced to make this a reality. Think of these prints as you would any other part of home decor. Theyll soon find their rightful place among your other treasured possessions. Take your time before you buy. Think in the long term when you finally reach a decision on which print youll take home. You want the enjoyment of owning really great prints to last for a long time to come.

Canvas Art Prints.

A canvas art print will turn any photo into a stunning masterpiece. The canvas looks like an art masterpiece and at the same time is a stunning picture from your very own photo collection. Canvas art has been around for a couple of years now and is growing more popular everyday. These art prints are very classy and elegant. The art prints can be transferred from your very own photo right to canvas. You can have the canvas art print framed or leave it at its natural beauty. The print can be touched up with paint to make it look like a real art masterpiece. These prints come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can have these prints framed or leave them to their natural beauty. The cost of doing these art prints has dramatically decreased over the years. Something of this nature a couple of years ago would have cost a fortune to get done; now you can get this gorgeous masterpiece for a fraction of the cost. There are many websites and photographers that offer these luxury prints for an outstanding price.

Canvas art prints are very durable and will keep any photo a beautiful treasure for a very long time. The prints can be printed very small for that collage look on your wall or the prints can be very large. As the poster prints are an awesome way of blowing up that photo of your daughter as a beautiful bride. Poster prints have come along way and are becoming more popular as time goes. Memories are something that you can never get back and a canvas art print will let you enjoy that memory everyday. The prints have a uniqueness to them that no regular photo or photo poster print can compare to. They are absolutely stunning and well worth the money. These prints will last a lifetime and so will the memory that they have on them.

Art Print Posters Add Appeal to Offices

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your office? An office needs to be professional, clean, organized and offer some decoration. Both employees and clients will appreciate the visions offered by art print posters. The appeal of these posters lies both in the unique value and in the variety. A generous selection of these prints are available for selection and will add an immediate facelift to your office, be it a home office or a commercial office.

By utilizing your creative side, you can thumb through thousands of available prints and choose the unique and vivid posters that will appeal to your clients. Through a mix and match system, you will be able to offer something on the whimsical side and something on the professional side. Art is a great conversation starter and will give you a chance to relax and break the ice with potential clients as you discuss the abstract art or compelling photography prints hanging on your wall.

Both affordable and expansive in the categories available, feel confident that with your purchase of a few new prints, you can have the art framed to create a formal and expensive feeling without paying an astronomical price. The prints you select will set the tone for you office, as well. Many business owners and executives choose inspiring works of art to deck the walls of their company. While people are waiting to meet with you, they will have the opportunity to browse through the selection of art print posters and will have a chance to relax while they wait for the meeting or interview.

Its often found that when framing printed posters, to go with a frame color that will compliment the poster but not be such a large frame that it takes away from the beauty of it. Most people will focus on the center of the art, so choose a frame that is sleek and offers fine lines. A simple framing job can be an inexpensive way to showcase your new art prints.